Expert Services

A leading financial hub of the world economy, the UK’s financial services industry faces complex challenges and regulatory scrutiny.

Access to independent and expert opinions is vital as pressure grows with the increase in litigation and disputes.

Many commercial disputes can be resolved through mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services avoiding the costs and delays of litigation.

Our Approach

We’ve substantial experience in a range of dispute and litigation services and our team can assist you whether you require more informal advice or a formal report from an independent subject matter expert.

Our team has supported clients through mediation and dispute resolution, as well as preparing expert witness reports for both civil and criminal cases in a number of industry sectors from financial services to aerospace. 

Our substantial experience of preparing expert witness statements and reports for both civil and criminal cases is mainly in the English jurisdiction, but includes US jurisdiction cases.

We’re able to prepare for your expert witness reports efficiently. We combine the judgement of highly experienced lead experts with a cost effective support team to conduct the extensive research and analysis required in complex cases.